Best Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas – How To Wallpaper Your Ceiling Like A Pro


Best Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas – How To Wallpaper Your Ceiling Like A Pro

By Wall Panel on July 20, 2023

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Welcome to our blog post on wallpapering your ceiling like a pro by Wall Panel! Putting wallpaper on the ceiling can completely change the ambiance of a space.

It brings life, character, and elegance to every space. However, when it comes to hanging wallpaper on the ceiling, it can seem daunting initially. So let’s dive in and discover how you can easily wallpaper your ceiling like a pro!

Step 1: Accumulate All the required tools

  1. Gather all the tools before ceiling wallpapering. Having everything you need will simplify the process.
  2. Reaching your ceiling requires a sturdy ladder or step stool. Ensure perfect stability before using.
  3. A drop cloth or plastic sheeting will protect your flooring from spillage.
  4. The next step is to get a measuring tape and determine the precise measurements of your ceiling. This will help determine how much wallpaper you’ll need for complete coverage. A straight edge or ruler can also come in handy when cutting sections of wallpaper.
  5. Invest in a good-quality adhesive or paste designed specifically for ceilings to apply the wallpaper seamlessly. Don’t forget brushes or rollers for smooth application! And speaking of cutting, don’t overlook utility knives and sharp scissors for precise trimming.
  6. Keep some sponges and clean water nearby for any mishaps during installation – they’re invaluable for quick fixes!

With these tools ready, you’re one step closer to achieving professional-looking results with your ceiling wallpaper project! So let’s move on to Step 2, i.e. Removing Furniture, which can be dirty during wallpaper hanging.

Step 2: Remove the Furniture which can be dirty during wallpaper hanging

  1. To do bedroom Wallpaperon the ceiling or in any other room like an expert, start by removing any furniture that can get in the way or become soiled. This will simplify your work and secure your valuables.
  2. For kids wallpaper installation, start by cleaning the area and moving tables, chairs, toys and cabinets to another room so they do not block your workplace. Cover large, immovable stuff with drop cloths or plastic sheets to remove dust and dirt.
  3. Next, remove any wall decorations close to the ceiling such as paintings or mirrors. These items can get in the way while you’re working and may accidentally fall if not properly secured.
  4. Don’t forget smaller items like lamps or vases that could be knocked over during installation. Removing them entirely from the room until you’ve finished wallpapering is always the best idea.
  5.  By clearing out your space and protecting your Furniture, you’ll create a clean and organized environment for seamless wallpaper application.

Step 3: Prep the Roof

  1. To ensure a smooth and flawless wallpapering process, properly preparing your ceiling is crucial. Here are some essential steps to prepping the roof like a pro.
  2. Check your ceiling for cracks and holes after cleaning it.
  3. Spackle them and sand till smooth. Remember that living room wallpaper highlights even tiny faults, so pay attention to detail, otherwise your hard work will be ruined.
  4. After patching up any flaws, give your ceiling a coat of primer. This step is essential as it helps create an even base for better adhesion and prevents stains from bleeding through later on.
  5. Before wallpapering, remove ceiling lights. This simplifies installation and prevents damage.

Step 4: Make a Reference Point

  1. Creating a reference point is crucial when wallpapering your ceiling like a pro. This step ensures that your wallpaper aligns perfectly and looks seamless once in place. To make a reference point, start by measuring the width of the wallpaper roll and then find the center of your ceiling.
  2. Using a pencil, lightly mark this center point on the ceiling. Next, measure half the width of the wallpaper roll from this central mark towards one end of the room and make another light pencil mark. Repeat this process towards the other end of the room as well.
  3. Draw a straight line between these two points using a level or chalk line. This will serve as your reference line for hanging each strip of wallpaper across your ceiling. It’s important to ensure this line is completely leveled to achieve professional-looking results.

Step 5: Begin Hanging the Wallpaper

  1. Now that you have prepared your ceiling, it’s time to start hanging the wallpaper and bringing your vision to life! Start by measuring the length of your first strip of wallpaper, allowing for a few extra inches at both ends. Use a sharp utility knife to cut the strip to the proper length.
  2. Apply adhesive or peel-and-stick backing equally on the wallpaper back. Follow manufacturer directions.
  3. Slowly and carefully position one end of the strip against your reference point on the ceiling.
  4. Smooth any air bubbles or wrinkles with a wallpaper brush or soft cloth as you gradually work your way across, adhering it firmly in place. Take care not to stretch or distort the wallpaper during this process.
  5. Continue this step-by-step process for each subsequent strip until you’ve covered your entire ceiling with a beautiful wallpaper.
  6. Don’t rush through this step and take proper breaks when needed– precision is key! Enjoy every moment as you transform your plain ceiling into a stunning focal point reflecting your style.

Step 6: Remove Fixed Lights Around the Ceiling

  1. Removing ceiling lights is essential for professional wallpapering results. This guarantees smooth wallpaper application.
  2. First, unplug the lights. Removing light fixtures can be complicated and hazardous, so at this point an electrician can assist you.
  3. After removing the lights, put them somewhere secure to avoid harm during wallpapering. Protect them with plastic or cloth.
  4. You will have more ceiling areas to work with without the lights. This will make wallpapering simpler.
  5. Electrical fixture work should always prioritize safety. Consult an electrician regarding removing or handling fixed lights.

Before installing wallpaper, make sure to remove ceiling lights to achieve a clean, professional effect. Doing so will make you proceed with confidence!


Hoping for our post to be helpful for you. It’s always a really favorable idea to treat your ceilings with wallpaper for added room beauty and insulation. And with our guide at hand, you won’t need to spend on professional services to achieve your desired interior decor.

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