9 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Living Room


9 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Living Room

By Wall Panel on July 10, 2023


Most people used to think that wallpaper was totally outdated and old-fashioned. But those days are long gone now! That’s because wallpapers are becoming more stylish and making their worth in the market again. With the passing time, people’s choices are becoming more mature and nearer to nature so there is a wide variety of wallpapers available which can leave the spectator astonished and the choice and contrast can change the whole mind and look of the surroundings. You can create stunning accent walls or add personality to every inch of a room. The possibilities by Wall Panel are truly endless!

 As an Accent Wall

  1. Wallpaper accent walls are popular in living rooms. This approach creates visual intrigue and depth in an environment. Wallpaper for an accent wall lets you experiment with bold patterns, brilliant colors, and textured designs without dominating the room.
  2. Choose a wallpaper that matches your furnishings and color palette for a beautiful accent wall.
  3. Choosing a wall with architectural characteristics like windows or built-in bookshelves is ideal so your wallpaper can highlight them.
  4. Measure and position wallpaper on an accent wall. For uniform aesthetics, align each panel. Do not be hesitant to seek expert help. They will provide perfect outcomes.
  5. After finishing your accent wall, you can add artwork or decorations that match your wallpaper’s colors and theme. This completes everything and fulfills the desire of the person standing there and watching.

On All Four Walls

  1. A living room can have wallpaper on all four walls. This can quickly change the area with strong and well-coordinated aesthetics.
  2. Covering all four walls lets you add color, pattern, or texture to every corner. Wallpapers can establish the mood for your living space, whether it is a colorful floral pattern or a futuristic geometric design.
  3. Large-patterned wallpaper can make a statement. These eye-catching patterns can capture attention from all angles. If you like subtle aesthetics, choose neutral or textured wallpaper.
  4. Wallpapering all four walls offers aesthetic consistency. This can make tiny rooms seem bigger and unify open-concept living spaces.
  5. By choosing these wallpapers, you can create a balance of beauty among your wall designs, and by using modest furniture and décor, you can create a wow factor. Solid-colored furniture and simple accessories will make your wallpaper stand out.

Floor to Ceiling

  1. Floor-to-ceiling wallpaper transforms a living area. Covering all walls creates a unified and immersive aesthetic statement. This approach optically lowers the height in rooms with high ceilings, producing a cozier environment.
  2. Choose simple floor-to-ceiling wallpaper designs. Larger prints or subtle patterns provide the interest, but the surrounding area often creates a loaded effect. Elegant and refined monochromatic color schemes also work.
  3. Floor-to-ceiling wallpaper that replicates wood or stone is a terrific choice.
  1. Another choice is mural-style wallpaper with a narrative or stunning environment. This draws attention and starts conversations.
  2. Floor-to-ceiling wallpaper can help delineate zones in an open-concept living space. You can separate eating, lounging, and entertaining spaces by wallpapering different walls.
  3. Use lighter colors or vertical stripes to avoid overpowering smaller living spaces with floor-to-ceiling wallpaper.
  4. Remember lighting! Displaying your floor-to-ceiling wallpaper requires proper illumination. Wall sconces or recessed lights carefully positioned throughout the space enhance its attractiveness day and night.

Around a Fireplace

  1. Wallpaper surrounding the fireplace can make your bedroom or tv lounge pleasant and welcoming. This adaptable design piece can quickly make any place cozy.
  2. Choose a proper bedroom wallpaper with a modest pattern or texture that matches your room’s style. Adding depth and aesthetic intrigue will make the fireplace a focal point. If you want to make a statement or surprise, use bright and colorful designs.
  3. Wallpapering the whole fireplace wall is another option. This seamless background highlights a bedroom’s nook. Wallpapers with metallic highlights or shimmering finishes add elegance and refinement.
  4. Pair the wallpaper with ornamental mirrors, artwork, or candles on the mantel to enhance the atmosphere. These items will enhance your bedroom and showcase your wallpaper design.

Under Crown Molding

  1. Applying wallpaper behind crown molding in a living room is innovative. This can give elegance to the room. Wallpaper behind crown molding creates an unexpected design feature that pulls the eye upward.
  2. Choose wallpaper with patterns or textures that match your living room’s design. No matter what your style is, there are countless alternatives available.
  3. Wallpaper behind crown molding highlights room architecture. Wallpaper can highlight complex molding.
  4. It also offers versatility and personalization. You can quickly change wallpapers to update your living space without replacing key pieces.

In a Small Powder Room

  1. Wallpaper can transform a modest bathroom area. Consider a design that offers visual appeal without overpowering the area with limited space. Select a design with tiny patterns or a delicate texture.
  2. You can wallpaper all four powder room walls for maximum effect. With matching fixtures and accessories, this can create a rich effect.
  3. Floor-to-ceiling wallpaper can give your bathroom height and depth. This creates the sense of higher ceilings and a bigger area.
  4. Include wallpaper around windows and doors. This adds character and charm to the design.
  5. Try various wallpapers in your little bathroom. Modern geometric designs or traditional floral prints, there is always something to fit your taste and enrich your private room.

Use Wallpaper To Define Zones Like Kid’s Room

  1. You can define zones in your living area using wallpaper. This method works well in an open plan of floor where rooms flow into one another.
  2. Wallpaper can visually divide your living room from a bedroom or kids’ play area while retaining a coherent design. Choose wallpapers with complementary patterns or colors that easily define sections.
  3. Consider relaxing wallpaper for the bedroom. After a long day, relaxing pastels or nature-inspired themes can help create a sanctuary.
  4. Child zone inventiveness is encouraged! Playful and vivid kids wallpapers with animal, cartoon, or interactive components like blackboard surfaces can quickly make this room a whimsical paradise for kids.

Go Big and BOLD with Your Living Room Wallpaper

  1. Big and vibrant wallpaper in a living room is always a thrilling option! Use bold patterns and colors to express yourself. Larger prints can provide an eye-catching focal point.
  2. Consider the theme or style of your living room when picking dramatic wallpaper. Geometric patterns in navy or emerald green suit most tastes. Mix florals with stripes or abstract designs for an eclectic aesthetic.
  3. Large wall themes are available not only for your home but also for formal places. Choose tropical leaf patterns for eco-loving offices, or fade or dark contrasting colors can encourage your employees to work more comfortably in their busy, hectic hours. These striking graphics will enliven any room.
  4. Wallpaper with embossed metallics or imitation wood textures can make a subtle impression. These textures provide dimension without overpowering the area.
  5. Balance is crucial when you use them as living room wallpaper. Then the choice of bold wallpaper can be pinching to some extent. Pairing vivid walls with neutral furniture and décor lets the wallpaper shine while creating harmony.

Make a Statement with Metallic or Glitter Wallpaper

  1. Beautify an office with glittering gold or silver walls. Metallic embellishments shine and draw attention. It is like bringing Hollywood glamour to the office!
  2. Glitter wallpaper adds glam. This wallpaper makes the living area wonderful with glitter or sparkles. It adds charm and reflects light.
  3. Keep the rest of the design neutral to draw attention to metallic or glitter wallpaper. These wallpapers will shine with modern furniture and simple accessories.
  4. Metallic or glitter office wallpaper can make a dramatic statement in your area. It will impress visitors, customers as well as your clients!


Wallpaper is a versatile and stylish element for adding personality and charm to your living room. You can define and enhance any and every space with a mindful selection of wallpapers. You can also add a touch of glamour with metallic or glitter designs. So go ahead and explore the endless possibilities of wallpaper, and let your living room reflect your unique style and taste!

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