How to Clean Walls With Paint or Wallpaper Like a Pro


How to Clean Walls With Paint or Wallpaper Like a Pro

By Wall Panel on July 13, 2023


Are your walls exhibiting symptoms of wear? Whether you’re thinking about painting them a fresh new color or covering them with gorgeous wallpaper, you want the finished product to seem like it was handled by an expert. And for that, clean and well-prepared walls are utmostly important. Wall Panel will demonstrate how to expertly clean painted or wallpapered walls. From preparing the surface to choosing the proper cleaning materials and avoiding common cleaning mistakes, we have all the information you require. So let’s get to work and make those surfaces look incredible!

How to Disinfect Walls Before Painting or Wallpapering

Before painting or wallpapering, surfaces must be properly prepared to ensure a seamless and long-lasting finish.

  1. First, gather your cleaning supplies. You will need a container of lukewarm water, a moderate detergent or wall cleaner, a sponge or soft fabric, and a ladder if necessary.
  2. Before commencing, remove all furniture and decorations from the room to create space. Additionally, it is advantageous to protect the surfaces from drips and spills with drop cloths or plastic sheeting.
  3. To begin, clean the walls with a microfiber cloth or duster. This will eliminate any accumulated stray debris and spider webs. Then, add tap water and a small amount of moderate detergent to the container.
  4. Soak the sponge in the detergent solution and thoroughly cleanse it and don’t forget to scrub gently in circular motions from the top of the wall to the baseboards, beginning at the top.
  5. Major pivot areas sometimes remain stained, such as light controls and door handles. Use a multipurpose cleaner for painted surfaces to eliminate stubborn stains and oil marks.
  6. Apply sparingly to a clean cloth and gently rub until the stain goes away. Once all wall surfaces have been meticulously cleaned, remove any remaining detergent residue by rinsing them with clean water using another damp sponge or cloth.
  7. Before painting or wallpapering, allow the walls sufficient time to cure completely. Adequate drying ensures that no moisture will be trapped beneath the surface, which could compromise adhesion.

What Is the Best Paint or Wallpaper for Your Home?

  1. Choosing the right paint or wallpaper for your home is an important decision that can substantially affect the space’s overall appearance and ambiance.
  2. Consider the finish that meets your needs best when selecting paint. Matte finishes are ideal for concealing wall flaws, while satin and semi-gloss finishes are durable and easy to clean. High-gloss coatings impart a brilliant sheen but may also accentuate surface flaws.
  3. Consider the intended aesthetics before wallpaper selection. There is an infinity of available designs, ranging from bold patterns to subtle textures. Consider how the wallpaper will complement and enhance the room’s color scheme when selecting wallpaper.
  4. Think about maintenance requirements and durability as well. Some wallpapers are washable or scrubbable, allowing for easier long-term cleansing and upkeep.
  5. Personal preference and aesthetic objectives will dictate whether you choose paint or wallpaper for your home. Take the time to investigate various options and if necessary, consult with specialists to ensure that you make a choice that satisfies both your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

How to Clean Walls After Painting or Wallpapering?

After painting or wallpapering your walls, you must thoroughly clean them to keep them vibrant and spotless. Here are some suggestions for cleaning walls after applying paint or wallpaper.

  1. Gather your cleaning supplies. To dry off, grab a towel and a sponge or soft cloth. Use a microfiber cloth that is dry or a duster to wipe down the walls and remove any dust or dirt. This will prevent dust and dirt from scratching the new paint job.
  2. Next, add warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap. After soaking in detergent, wring out the cloth. Wipe walls from top to bottom.
  3. Scrubbing too hard might wear away the paint or the wallpaper, so be gentle during the use of this scrub.
  4. Some stains or fingerprints on freshly painted walls may demand a slightly stronger solution of warm water and vinegar. Use a little amount on a soft cloth and massage gently to remove the stain.
  5. Rinse your sponge or cloth with clean water and scrub the entire surface again to eliminate detergent residue.
  6. Utilize a clean towel to dry the walls thoroughly. This will help prevent stains and ensure that no moisture is left behind, which could promote the growth of fungi.

Common Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

When cleaning walls, many people make a few frequent mistakes. By avoiding these risks, you can ensure that your walls remain alluring and in excellent condition.

  1. Always test cleaning products and solutions on a small, inconspicuous wall section before using them on the entire surface. This will prevent any paint or wallpaper discoloration or damage.
  2. Do not use caustic chemicals or scouring brushes. Choose gentle cleaners and delicate sponges or microfiber fabrics to clean your walls without causing damage or blemishes.
  3. Another mistake to avoid when washing walls is applying excessive force. Especially on painted surfaces, excessive force can result in smudges and discoloration. To achieve a spotless result, apply light, even pressure.
  4. Additionally, exercise caution when removing discoloration from wallpapered surfaces. An inordinate quantity of water can dissolve the wallpaper’s adhesive and cause it to peel off. If you are uncertain how to remove a stain from wallpaper, consult a professionals for assistance.
  5. Do not neglect regular maintenance! Walls need regular dusting and cleaning, and any stains or mishaps should be addressed right away to prevent them from setting in.
  6. Checking your walls on a regular basis for signs of deterioration will allow you to address any issues as soon as they arise.


Now it’s the time to stick with the above-mentioned points as by following this advice you can prevent yourself from mistakes as well as blunders. That’s because mistakes can cause your wall[apar investement to go down the drain. So be patient while choosing the wallpaper and during cleaning the walls for it. This way, you can easily preserve the beauty and integrity of your painted or wallpapered walls for years.

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